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Stainless Steel De-ice Shovel

Stainless Steel De-ice Shovel

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Made of stainless steel + PP plastic,it does not rust and is resistant to high temperatures.

Regularly remove the thick ice layer of the freezer to effectively extend the life of the refrigerator and reduce power consumption.The tail has a hanging hole for easy suspension and reasonable storage.

The curved shovel head does not hurt the inner wall of the refrigerator,it is easy to remove the broken ice and frost in the refrigerator to facilitate your life.

The ice layer in the refrigerator is getting thicker and thicker.If it is not cleaned for a long time,it will increase the power consumption of the refrigerator.This deicing shovel can help you solve the problem of thick ice layer,clean and is a good helper for life.

It can also be used for cleaning the corners of kitchens, bathrooms,etc.And decontamination is in place.It has many uses,kitchen and bathroom are available,and it has a wide range of applications.
Material: stainless steel and plastic
Color: Green, Blue, Pink
Size: 16.8x4.5cm/6.61x1.77"
Weight: About 30g
Packing Includes:   
1 x Stainless Steel De-ice Shovel

Please Note:
1. Please allow 1-3cm error due to manual measurement.
2. Please understand that colors may exist chromatic aberration.
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