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Silicone Pot Colanders Pan Strainer

Silicone Pot Colanders Pan Strainer

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Before I always fumbled with one hand in a potholder trying to hold onto the pasta pot and hold onto the colander with my other hand. Now I can use both hands to safely drain the pasta.

This makes it so much easier to dump out water when making pasta of any type. 

This worked so well for draining beef grease from my large 12" fry pan. 

 I can tip all the water out of a pan full of broccoli or pasta and this little gadget keep the food from falling in the sink with the water! 

CLIP-ON STRAINER PRACTICAL: Small, Compact Strainer That is Easy to Use and Store in a quarter the size of the traditional Strainer. Great when Working with Limited Counter Space.

SIMPLE STRAINER INNOVATIVE: Snaps onto Nearly All Size Pots, Pans and Bowls, Big and Small. Attaches Easily with Two Clips.

SILICONE STRAINER SMART: Eliminates the Transferring Process. Tilt to Strain While the Food Stays in the Pot.

SAFE AND DURABLE: Made from top-quality silicone will have the durability to last for many years .Dishwasher Safe.Will withstand straining of heavier foods like potatoes.

*Please attention that there will be 1-3cm error in real length,and Handmade products, there are something about traces of split joints and cutting.
*The color may vary slightly from the photo. This is due to different color/brightness settings of computer/laptop screens.


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